The Service Membership offers you flexible ad hoc support when you need it most.  Whereas the Freelance Contract Model is more suited for a position as Account or Project Manager, the Service Membership Model is very suitable for more junior roles as Sales Support, Assistant, Junior Analyst, Research Assistant, Administrative Support etc.

This subscription is for clients who are not specifically looking for someone to fill a position to manage their projects or accounts but need someone with my background to assist or support them in times of additional workload for example around campaigns or events.

It could serve managers as well, who want to delegate some tasks to an assistant, so they can focus on their priorities.

Because I intend to offer this service to multiple clients, it’s advisable to plan the time you want me to be available or deadlines by when certain tasks must be completed ahead.

Once I’ve confirmed to you, you can count on me to deliver the work before the agreed deadline or be “at your service” on the agreed times scheduled. When not confirmed ahead there is a chance, I’ve already committed the hours to another client.

The contract period for a Service Membership Subscription is 1 year and starts on the 1st day of a Month. Two months prior to expiration, you will receive an overview of your used hours and services and the request to confirm when you want this service to be continued.

In case changes will be made to the conditions and pricing of the subscription in following years, this will be specifically mentioned when you receive the request to confirm renewal.

A maximum of 15% of unused hours can be taken to next subscription year.

Because I don’t want to bill you for every phone call we have, email we sent or time you as a client also invest in briefing me on your process and requirements, I’ve added 10% in hours which I call “Free Service hours”. The Bronze subscription has 10, the Silver 30 and the Gold 80 of free service hours annually.