I stayed away from drafting very formal Terms & Conditions with very lengthy legal language. Common sense, integrity and being of good will should be a basis for any good relation.

Furthermore, our mutual expectations will be specified in a contract creating clarity and clear benchmarks to measure performance and cooperation satisfaction.

When entering into a contract (Freelance, Fixed Fee or Service Membership) all agreements are included in your contract. There are no additional Terms & Conditions you should be aware of. Standard terms and conditions included in the contract can be found below and on the following pages.

Following our initial talks my contract proposal can be customized to specific needs or requirements.

As an independent contractor I’m responsible for paying (income) taxes and insurances. My client only pays my service fee invoice plus VAT where applicable.

As an independent contractor I invoice you monthly on the last weekday of the month.

Payment is due 14 days after invoicing.

Variation from a 14-day payment term needs to be agreed prior and be confirmed by inclusion in your contract or confirmation by email.

Fixed Fee assignments are invoiced at the start of the contract.

Payment is due standard after 14 days.

Depending on the total amount and deadline of the assignment, payment of the invoice in separate installments can be agreed prior. In case this is agreed, it’s included in your contract or confirmed by email.

The Service Membership is invoiced once at the start of the contract.

For the Service Membership payment in 2 installments is possible, 50% at the start of the contract and 50% after 6 months, provided the hours used are also equally spread over the 2 parts of the year.

Some things without being specified in a contract are considered common sense, such as complying to local and international law where applicable, not involving yourself in any activities that could damage the interest or reputation of the other and making a genuine effort to find a satisfactory solution in any unforeseen scenario.