I’m not looking for a permanent full-time position as a remote contractor for 1 organization only.

I’d love to take on a freelance/contractor position though, possibly full time for a pre-determined period, or even for projects or positions over multiple years engaging in long-term client relations.

Still I don’t want to manoeuvre myself in a position that leaves no flexibility to take on other projects or work for other clients as well.

During our initial talks we can asses your needs as to my availability and see if there is opportunity for a cooperation.

Standard proposal for the freelance contract includes:

  • Company details of both parties including Registration nr. Chamber of Commerce, VAT number, Address and contact details, including name and signature of person authorized to sign.
  • Starting Date.
  • Duration.
  • Average weekly hours assigned to the job.
  • Availability/work schedule (scheduled committed days/hours to the assignment and available to team members, stakeholders and externals)
  • Job title.
  • Job Description or Project brief including:
  • Key deliverables, goals, targets and main tasks and responsibilities.
  • Management, department and team structure related to the position.
  • Whom I report to and how.
  • When and how results are evaluated.
  • The tools, systems and communication platforms the client will provide me access to in order to execute the role properly. For example, VPN access to login to company workflow management and CRM, cloud-based team and workflow management tools or providing me with a company email address.
  • Any other items relevant to the position that came up during our initial talks.
  • Hourly fee ranges from € 45,- to € 85,- excluding VAT depending on the type of position and/or project.