Maybe you’re not interested in how many hours I work on something, or you don’t want to have any recurring costs (monthly invoices) over a period.

Maybe you just want to have a job done or a specific result achieved, and you don’t care if it takes me a day a week or a month as long as it’s done before your deadline.

If you prefer to agree one fixed fee for a specific job or result, please contact me to discuss your idea and I can make you a customized offer.

After we’ve agreed on the job, the fee and the deadline following our initial talks, a fixed fee contract proposal will include:

  • Company details of both parties including Registration nr. Chamber of Commerce, VAT number, Address and contact details, including name and signature of person authorized to sign.
  • Key deliverables: result achieved, job completed, goals met.
  • Delivery deadline.
  • If relevant for the assignment management and team structure of key contacts within the client’s organization.
  • Whom I report to and how.
  • When and how results are evaluated.
  • If relevant for the assignment the tools, systems and communication platforms the client will provide me access to in order to execute the job properly. For example, VPN access for login to company workflow management and CRM, cloud-based team and workflow management tools or providing me with a temporary company email address.
  • Any other items relevant to the assignment that came up during our initial talks.